Del Neri respond国外赚钱好项目有哪些s to Ferrara

Juventus boss Gigi Del Neri has responded to claims made by Ciro Ferrara that nothing much has changed at the club in the last year.

Ferrara had pointed it out to journalists that Juventus have the same number of points today as they did at this stage last season when he was in charge.

"We are not snubbing this fixture even if Juventus must give a lot of importance to Chievo in the League."


"Tomorrow we'll not play with youngsters, but with those players who are part of our squad and have had less chance to play.

Speaking ahead of tomorrow's Europa League clash with Manchester City, Del Neri said: "I care about seeing a good game with a lively网络外围投注 Juve.

"We'll try to play a dignified game without being anxious about the result. We want to have a good training session against a team of great value and we'll try to win a game in this group.

The 42-year-old former centre-back was dismissed in the spring, prompting a shake up at every level within the club as Juventus recorded their lowest finish in years.

"The past doesn't interest me a lot. We are leaving皇冠外围投注 it be and going forward down our own path."

"The difference is the depth of character. It's the mentality that makes the difference," Del Neri explained.